Mumford & Sons

The Hospital Sessions

  • Mumford & Sons: The Hospital Sessions
    “The Wolf”

Director: Paul Dugdale
Producer: Yolanda Neri
Executive Producer: Julie Jakobek
Location: The Hospital Club, London

These live performances were filmed at the Hospital Club, London, as part of the promotion for Mumford & Sons’ hugely successful third album, Wilder Mind.

JA Films produced videos for five songs, including singles “The Wolf” and “Tompkins Square Park”, which have since racked up millions of views on YouTube. To create a unique look and feel for each song, JA Films and director Paul Dugdale collaborated closely with the British rock band’s lighting designer, Ed Warren. “The Wolf” film was so well received that it has become the official video for the track. It captures the raw energy of the band doing what they do best. Dugdale explained his approach:

“The aim was to capture the performance of the music rather than edit to the energy of the music. Shots were deliberately left long, and framing was baggy with minimal camera movement to let the action play out within the frame rather than being at the mercy of the filmmaking. Every decision was to make it feel as real and honest as possible, show the passion of the performance and reintroduce the viewer to the band dynamic and intimacy as they play together.”

UK Music Video Awards 2015
Shortlisted – Best Live Music Coverage