Founded in 2009, JA Films (formerly known as JA Digital) is an award-winning, creative-led production company run by industry expert, Julie Jakobek. We exist to produce captivating films and content for global cinema events, DVD, TV and digital.

JA Films employs world class producers, directors, creatives and technicians, each team carefully selected for each production. Recent films have led to two Grammy nominations in the Best Music Film category and further nominations and wins in the Best Music Film, Best Live Coverage and Best Music Programme categories.

Experienced and successful

We create films that people want to watch while meeting the requirements of our collaborators: emerging and world-renowned artists, international record companies, market-leading brands and major TV networks.

We strive to fulfil the maximum potential of every idea in order to achieve critical acclaim and success for our clients.

Filmmaking is our business

We plan meticulously, when possible, while remaining adaptable to fluid situations. All aspects of our projects—creative, technical, operational and financial—are expertly managed.

Awards and Nominations

UK Music Video Awards 2016
Shortlisted – Best Live Music Coverage
Ed Sheeran – Jumpers for Goalposts:
Live at Wembley Stadium
The Rolling Stones – Havana Moon

Broadcast Awards 2015
Winner – Best Music Programme
Coldplay – Ghost Stories Live 2014

UK Music Video Awards 2015
Shortlisted – Best Live Music Coverage
Mumford & Sons – The Hospital Sessions

Grammy Awards 2015
Nominated – Best Music Film
Coldplay – Live 2012

Awards and Nominations

Broadcast Awards 2015
Shortlisted – Best Music Programme
The Rolling Stones –
Sweet Summer Sun: Hyde Park Live

UK Music Video Awards 2014
Shortlisted – Best Live Music Coverage
Coldplay – Ghost Stories
The Rolling Stones – Sweet Summer Sun

Grammy Awards 2014
Nominated – Best Music Film
Coldplay – Live 2012


We embrace creative and technological innovations. Such advances often lead to better and more cost-effective ways to make films and content; benefits we share with our collaborators.

The Word
on the Street

Understanding popular culture is crucial to our business. Ideas don’t exist in a vacuum. Movements, trends and technology are all constantly evolving. We know what makes audiences tick, what they want to watch and share, and what markets respond well to.

It’s All
about Ideas

We listen to your ideas, be it a spark of inspiration or a fully-fledged concept, seek to amplify them, and then plan your film or content accordingly. We love to be involved at the early stages, to nurture creativity and bring projects to life. We always try to exceed expectations.

Top of
Their Game

We work with world-renowned directors, creatives, production teams, technicians and crews. The team for each production is selected to meet your creative requirements and budget parameters. Every detail is carefully considered.