The Rolling Stones

Havana Moon

  • The Rolling Stones: Havana Moon
    Official trailer

Director: Paul Dugdale
Producer: Simon Fisher
Executive Producer: Julie Jakobek
Location: Havana, Cuba

There are not many places the Rolling Stones haven’t played. Until 25th March 2016, Cuba was one of them. On a hot night in Havana, half a million Cubans watched the legendary group become the biggest foreign rock band ever to play on their soil. Havana Moon captures the highly charged atmosphere of this extraordinary concert.

The Rolling Stones rocked the Cuban capital only five days after Barack Obama’s visit, the first by a US President in over 80 years. Both events heralded the start of a new era for the country. In his first speech to the world’s media, Obama evens pays tribute to the band. The combination of hope plus rock and roll is a powerful one and the film, shot in 4K, captures the incredible energy and excitement of the crowd.

As one concert goer remarked, “This is a moment I have been dreaming about. I have just witnessed the most important concert in Cuba in a long time.”

Havana Moon was premiered at a one night exclusive cinema event on 23rd September 2016 at more than 1,000 screens across Australia, Europe, Japan, Latin America and Russia.

UK Music Video Awards 2016
Shortlisted – Best Live Music Coverage